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The Film Festival (FF) provides a grand platform for exceptional directors and producers from across the United States to showcase the global culture of filmmaking. This is a space to celebrate the collaborative efforts of the various components of filmmaking, including production, direction, writing, motion graphics, animation, storytelling, scoring, and acting.

Caring for Our Precious Earth: Balancing Nature and Battling Pollution

By: Sehan Sarfani (11)

Melodies in the Murk

By: Mishka Nazarani – 2006

One Fragile World

By: Soham Punjani

Little Earth Savers

By: Ayvah Ali & Noah Ali

Heartfelt Heroes

By: Natasha Panjwani

The Glitch

By: Shan Kasmani | Kais Sagani | Shahzeb Lalani |  Ashmal Ballasha

Together We Can

By: Shahdil Shivji (45)


By: Akil Virani (27)


By: Nazish Ismail Ali (34)

Nurturing Nature

By: Arman Ali & Zulekha Lakhani (19, 69)

Seeds of Hope

By: Anand Bhatt (33)

AKS – The Reflection

By: Zehra Lalani (33)

Ek Masiha

By: Muhammad Assani & Areeb Khowaja (27, 25)

What Feeds Your Lakes

By: Armaan Punjani & Alayna Punjani (14, 11)

Human Activities Cause Declining Biodiversity: Solutions to Protect our Ecosystems

By: Sufi Momin (13)

My Letter To God

By: Soha Allauddin (24)

Beyond The Game: Self Care

By: Fiza Khowaja

TOO MUCH PLASTIC! Save the Ocean

By: Zoreen Maknojia

It Starts With US

By: Salman Ali

Hamdardi (Sympathy)

By: Jalal Gilani & Rozina Lakhani (58)

Solving for X

By: Anusha Mohammed & Rezia Mirza (18, 66)

Industrial Agriculture & Climate Change: A Vicious Cycle

By: Rozina Kanchwala (39)

Fuzzy Legs

By: Amber Eswani (28)

The Parenting Proposition

By: Anees Chagpar (52)

In Her Own Light

By: Karishma Merchant (31)

CARE (Lego)

By: Murtuza Ali Nensey (12)

Different But Same

By: Rehan Mehdi
Ahana Dhanani
Danish Kurani
Izaan Waliyani
Alyshba Kurani
Elmira Hemdani
Armaan Narsindhani

Nanu Aur Main / Grandpa and I

By: Haaris Pramani (28)


By: Rasul Ramji & Arshad Ramji (75, 48)


By: Zoya Hajee (23)


By: Rushan Jesani (22)