USIA Film Festival Movie – Nanu Aur Mein

Film Festival

Nanu Aur Mein

About the film

After the death of her parents, Erum (Saboor Ali) goes on to spend her childhood with her loving grandfather (Qavi Khan). The two live happily together until it is time for Erum to pursue studies abroad, and the two bid farewell to each other with heavy hearts, promising to keep in touch through letters. Erum’s life abroad moves further and further away from her grandfather, until she receives a letter from him one day, and realizes it is time for grandfather’s little sparrow to return to her nest.

About the artist

SOLO – Haaris Pramani (28)

Dedicated to bringing impactful stories to life, my producer aspirations center on curating unique narratives that resonate. Focused on seamless production execution, I aim to foster collaboration, turning vision into reality. Guided by innovation, I seek projects that not only entertain but also leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide