USIA Film Festival Movie – Ehsaas

Film Festival


About the film

Overwhelmed with trying to be perfect, a guy practicing one simple move and overcomplicates it by the effort of being perfect. Continues to practice and at the point of giving up or thinking he’s not good enough, a short message from a loved one helps him keep going and growing.

We often feel defeated and lonely, and the more we entertain these thoughts, the more they begin to impact our life. This piece represents the idea of caring for your thoughts, and caring for your loved ones. The overall theme of the piece portrays not giving up, but to grow something you must feed it. When we feed ourselves positivity, we tend to thrive. Especially when it we are supported and cared for by our loved ones.

About the artist

SOLO – Nazish Ismail Ali (34)

As an artist I took the liberty to experiment with film-making back in 2018 in the Jubilee Arts. Film-making is the ultimate way of story telling and it is really fascinating to create something that can impact the audience. I aspire to touch people’s hearts and emotions with my film