USIA Film Festival Movie – Paints

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About the film

Paints revolves around a mother and daughter grappling with their relationship before the daughter goes to college. They explore their underlying care for each other through an unspoken language between each other.

The relationship between an immigrant mother and her daughter can be messy, difficult, and filled with love. There is an underlying sense of care within the actions of a mom and her daughter. A South Asian mother sacrifices for her family because she cares so much. Within the complexity that exists with the relationship with a mother and her daughter exists a kind of grace that allows them to make space for each other, to be vulnerable, to affirm each other, and to care.

About the artist

Zoya Hajee (23)

Film takes real stories struggles and beliefs; it examines these things at a microcosmic level where we get more intimate perspectives into people’s identities. This meant a lot to me as a Muslim American where my voice is rarely heard in mainstream media.