USIA Film Festival Movie – Melodies in the Murk

Film Festival

Melodies in the Murk

About the film

“In the heart of a murky swamp, a frog finds herself surrounded by the cacophony of the outside world – a cacophony of worries, doubts, and the relentless hum of life’s demands. Wandering through the swamp, the frog, once disheartened, discovers the power of music and art. As she listens, the world quiets. Troubles are hushed.

Music becomes an escape. Inspired by the harmonious tunes, the frog, with her sketchpad in hand, embarks on a journey of self-expression and love. She casts aside anxieties, rendering her own world of beauty amidst the murkiness of the swamp.

This animation is a reminder that, even in  unexpected places, self-care can bring inner peace and serenity to anyone who embraces it.”

About the artist

Mishka Nazarani – 2006

My journey into filmmaking began with my love for drawing. Exploring different forms of expression, I taught myself animation as a way to convey emotions visually. My aspiration is to create a series of animations or comics conveying my personal experiences and stories.