USIA Film Festival Movie – SUNDOWN

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About the film

After a tragic incident, a loving father, decides that he must desperately find a way to take his son out of the country. Otherwise, he’s afraid he will lose him to drugs and violence. His paranoia and desperation causes a conflict between them as they embark their journey.

“Father’s Care for His Son:

The central relationship in the story is between a father and  his son. Father is willing to risk everything to ensure a better life for Samir. He guides him through a dangerous desert, even facing a dangerous and deceitful character like Coyote. Father actions reflect his deep care and love for his son.

Protecting Loved Ones: Father is not only caring for his son but also trying to protect him from the dangerous consequences of his past actions, such as selling drugs. He believes that taking his son away from their old life is the best way to care for his son’s future.”

About the artist

Rushan Jesani

I began my career as an actor and grew into a director organically. I bring framing expertise and belief-inspiring guidance to performers. Soccer instilled discipline; mistakes taught valuable lessons. I create meaningful, non-judgmental films, focusing on humanity. Dream roles: producer, writer, director—crafting impactful stories, pursuing goals, shaping narratives.