USIA Film Festival Movie – My Letter to God

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My Letter to God

About the film

Through the lens of travel and photography, the film delves into a spiritual journey, emphasizing the imperative of safeguarding God’s creation as an expression of care, drawing parallels between divine protection and our responsibility to preserve the sanctity of the world around us.

“On a journey to figure out what care means, Soha realized that according to her:
Care is protection.
Through her passion of travel and photography, Soha explores her relationship with God and emphasizes the importance of protecting God’s creation similar to how God protects us.”

About the artist

SOLO – Soha Allauddin (24)

As a huge film enthusiast, I was always curious on a director’s ability to evoke deep connections to characters and prompt the audience to personal reflection. Because of this, I began to explore the art of filmmaking as a means to share my own narratives with the world.