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In Her Own Light

About the film

“In Her Own Light” is a short film that takes a look at the life stages a woman goes through as she paves her own path after being knocked off of the societally recognized “beaten path”. Since this piece has been filmed in the silhouette/backlit technique, the movie conveys its message of “caring for your self worth and potential” through music and the actors’ body language in a series of sequences.

The film can be seen as a commentary on the different roles that a female embodies throughout her life: mother, sister, daughter, wife. Among all of these roles, some may forget the most important and most permanent role she has: woman. While it is important to take care of loved ones around you, it is also important to nurture your own potential and be able to stand independently.

The film exhibits the theme of care through the idea of “caring for your potential to thrive.” While life offers its ups and downs to all of us, it is important that an individual – male or female- feels secure in knowing that regardless of whatever adversity they face, he or she always has the potential to make the necessary pivots in order to build a life that meets their full potential. With every curve ball comes an opportunity for a person to evolve their perspective and grow as a person to become a better version of themselves.

About the artist

SOLO – Karishma Merchant (31)

I have always been very interested in the process of creating films. All of the behind the scenes elements intrigue me. There is so much creativity involved in the process, and I am excited to continue down this journey of creating films that make my ideas a reality!