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AKS – The Reflection

About the film

The film is about reflection of your act. An Individual’s moral and ethical values and behaviour. It’s a reflection of a woman who she is as a person.

I have incorporated the theme of “Care” in terms of care of family and also care of environment. There is a scene in which girl has an indoor plant in her room, and the film ends on that shot. That depicts that not only care of family can depicts your reflection but care of environment also plays and important part.

This short film is about a girl and her actions. The way she acts, she sees the result in response to that as a result of her reflection in the mirror.

There are three characters in this short film, one is the girl, other is the mother (whom we don’t see in person, but only in photo and hear her dialogues in voice overs), and third main character is the mirror which is the reflection of the girl’s deeds.

As soon as the film starts we see some shots of the room along with the mirror in the room, and hear a conversation between daughter and mother. And then we see that the girl enters in the room in full of anger. As she is moving towards the mirror, she notices that her reflection is not visible in the mirror. She then picks up a teddy bear to confirm if she can see the teddy bear or not. But turns out, that she can see the teddy bear but not her.
In the next scene, we again hear some conversation between her and her mother in which she is apologizing from her mother. And now when she sees in the mirror, she can see her reflection.

This basically tells the audience that whatever you act, is what you see. When she was misbehaving with her mother, her reflection was gone but when she realized her mistake and apologized, that’s when she is able to see her reflection.

About the artist

SOLO – Artist Name

For me, filmmaking is a way to convey a message to the world which is difficult to say. With films, I feel that one can talk about anything which we usually don’t talk about.
I want to direct stories to bring awareness to the world.