USIA Film Festival Movie – Caring For Our Precious Earth

Film Festival

Caring for Our Precious Earth

About the film

Through my time-lapse film, “Caring for Our Precious Earth,” I emphasize environmental protection. Splitting our planet in two, I contrast vibrant nature with suffocating pollution, highlighting the impact of our choices. It’s a reminder: environmental care is not a choice but an imperative responsibility to secure a sustainable future.

In my digital artwork, “Caring for Our Precious Earth,” I convey a powerful message about the urgent need to protect our environment. I depict our planet split in two, with one side bursting with the vibrancy of untouched nature and the other overwhelmed by towering buildings and suffocating pollution. It’s a stark reminder that our choices have real consequences. We must recognize that caring for our environment is not an option but a responsibility, one that can no longer be ignored. By taking steps to prevent pollution and nurture our planet, we hold the key to preserving the delicate balance between progress and the preservation of our natural world, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

About the artist

SOLO – Sehan Sarfani (11)

My passion for digital art is a gateway to profound self-expression. Immersed in its creation, I craft captivating pieces that mirror my inner world. Recording my artwork’s evolution lets me share not just the final product, but also the personal journey behind each creation.