USIA Film Festival Movie – Industrial Agriculture & Climate Change

Film Festival

Industrial Agriculture & Climate Change: A Vicious Cycle

About the film

In our film, we delve into the relationship between our industrial food system and climate change. We shine a light on how this system, which often operates in opposition to nature, poses significant threats to the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Through our storytelling, we demonstrate a profound sense of care: care for the environment as we unveil the destructive impact on our ecosystems, care for future generations as we address the consequences they’ll inherit, care for vulnerable communities such as farmworkers who are affected disproportionately, care for animal welfare, and care for the delicate balance of nature itself. Our film ultimately serves as a passionate plea for a world where care takes precedence, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humanity and our environment.

The film demonstrates how our industrial food system contributes to climate change and is made more vulnerable in the face of climate change. By showcasing the significant threats posed by our food system, the film showcases opportunities for moving towards a system more harmonious with our natural environment.

About the artist

Rozina Kanchwala (39)

As an environmental educator, I use film as a way to communicate complex environmental topics to audiences. Films have the power to educate and inspire people, and so I use this medium to invite people to learn more about our environmental challenges and provide practical ideas to take action.