Vocal Music submissions will be considered insofar as the “act” features the performance of song, melody, and/or rhythm, by the voice. Voice acts may include solo, small group, and larger (“choral”) submissions in any cultural style and language. Original and pre-existing pieces (“covers”) may be performed. Vocalists may be accompanied by live instrumentalists and/or recorded tracks; however, only the vocalists will be adjudicated on their performance.


Iranian folk, especially using the Tahrir (yodelling) style of singing
Tajik devotionals
Arab classical (songs that derive from the maqam system)
South Asian experimental compositions, such as songs from Coke Studio or popular, such as songs from Bollywood
Western classical, such as solo opera arias, show tunes, and choral acts


All performances are limited to three (3) minutes.

Group Size

Soloists or groups composed of up to 20 performers can perform in one submission.

Backing Tracks

Backing tracks may be used, but they should be free of vocal lines/textures.


Live instrumental or visual accompaniments are allowed, but only the vocal performance will be judged for this category. If you would like instrumentalists and vocalists to be adjudicated together, please submit them to the Creative Arts category.