USIA Dance


Dance submissions will be considered insofar as the candidates seek to be judged on the movement of the body, in solo or group choreography. Dance acts may include solo, small group, and larger troupe choreographies in any cultural style. Background music tracks may accompany submissions. Live musicians may also accompany submissions, but it should be made clear that judges will only adjudicate choreography. Stage props will be allowed.


Indian classical: Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, and others
Western traditions: ballet, modern/contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, acrobatic, tap
Afghan/Tajik/Syrian folk (usually in accompaniment with live musicians)
South Asian folk: ex. Ghoomar (Rajasthani folk), bhangra
South Asian popular e.g. Bollywood
Other traditional dances


All performances are limited to three (3) minutes.

Group Size

Soloists or groups composed of up to 20 performers can perform in one submission.

Music Tracks

Pre-recorded music tracks shall be submitted along with the submission to allow adequate time to review and screen content. Music tracks shall accompany a lighting cue list in Excel format to denote the exact points when the lighting changes should happen.


Live instrumental or visual accompaniments are allowed however, only dance, choreography, and movement will be judged in the Dance category. If instrumentalists and other artists need to be assessed together, performers may enter their submission into the Creative Arts category instead.


The use of props and sets is allowed. Additional time of up to two (2) minutes is allotted for setup and tear-down.