Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music submissions will be considered insofar as the “act” features the performance of a piece in which the majority of the act is created by instruments. Music acts may include solo, small group, and larger (“orchestral”) acts in any cultural style. All musical genres in classical, folk, and popular styles will be considered. Candidates may play a background track to supplement their performance, but only what is performed live will be adjudicated.


● Afghan, Tajik, Syrian rubab and regional variants

● Setar, sitar, tabla, def, qanun, among others

● Violin (across idioms, such as Karnatak, Western classical, American folk-fiddle)

● Piano (classical, jazz)

● Other Western instruments


All performances are limited to three (3) minutes.

Group Size

Soloists and groups composed of up to 20 performers can perform in one submission.

Music Tracks

Music must be played live, without backing tracks.


Visual accompaniments are allowed, but only instrumental musical performances will be judged in the Instrumental Music category. If instrumentalists and other artists are intended to be assessed together, please submit to the Creative Arts category.