Creative Arts

Creative Arts

This category is the most flexible and is meant to be as inclusive of performance-based art that unfolds within the allotted time of the act’s performance as possible. Solo, small groups, and larger submissions in any cultural style and language will be considered. Some traditions will be unknown to submission teams at the regional, national, and international levels, and we encourage all submissions to be considered in this category for an audition. Candidates must supply or clearly indicate their own tools for performance. These may include canvases, paint, screens, and other large-stage items that must be negotiated with tech teams before the competitions. This category also invites submissions in the form of shadow dance, gymnastics, martial arts, step dance, and others.


● Dramatic monologues

● Literature readings

● Acting/rendering of scenes from plays and/or films

● Comedy

● Spoken word performance and poetry

● Other imaginative creations

● Martial arts, such as jujutsu, kalaripayattu, karate

● Puppetry and ventriloquism

● Magic

● Visual Artists creating pieces on stage, perhaps in collaboration with a dancer


All performances are limited to three (3) minutes.

Group Size

Soloists and groups composed of up to 20 performers can perform in one submission.

Music Tracks

If required, pre-recorded music tracks must be provided along with the submission to give the organising committee adequate time to review and screen the music.


Use of props and sets is allowed, so long as setup and tear-down are feasible within two minutes (this time is in addition to the allotted performance time).