USIA Mixed mediums


Mixed/Assembled Media is artwork that combines the above types of art media to create one piece of art.


Attaching beads and/or other found objects to canvas cloth


Maximum size including border and frame: 48 in x 60 in x 6 in (121.92 cm x 152.4 cm x 15.24 cm)


Maximum weight including frame or panel: 50lbs (22.67962 kg)


An artist may submit multiple pieces of art as part of a larger compilation. In the mixed media category, pieces of the artwork can comprise a combination of media from the above categories of art. The total combined dimensions and weight shall not exceed the maximums above.


Any combination of the media applicable to the above categories. In addition to the examples listed above, additional media may include: textiles, found objects, or indigenous natural materials.


Submissions should be mounted or framed, with or without a glass cover. If the artist wishes to frame the submission, the artist shall provide the frame. Dimensions and weight of framed pieces shall meet the guidelines specified above. All submissions shall have a wire secured to the back to allow for hanging.

Visual examples of Mixed Mediums