USIA Art Gallery


Art Gallery

The International Art Gallery (IAG) is a purpose-built gallery showcasing visual art by talented artists from around the world. It will be curated and displayed in a formal, high-quality setting. The IAG aims to encourage an appreciation for art within the Jamat by providing a visual platform to experience the diversity of thought, cultures, media, and contexts. The IAG will also feature a new Youth category to elevate and inspire skilled youth artists.

The IAG invites submissions from across ten (10) categories in the visual arts: canvas mediums, paper, print, photography, graphic design/digital, 3D/sculpture, artificial intelligence (AI) art, mixed mediums, installation, and fashion/textile.

Artists may submit their artwork to Regional or National Art Galleries, which will take place within each jurisdiction around the world. Artists may collaborate in producing a piece of art; there is no maximum number of collaborating artists for any submission.