United States Ismaili Arts

We’re pleased to introduce the United States Ismaili Arts program that will give artists across the country the opportunity to showcase their talents. All artists will participate at their regional festivals for a chance to qualify for the National USIA festival and potentially the Global Encounters Festival 2024.

You can find more information about how to qualify and details about submissions throughout this website.

What are the submission categories?

Art Gallery

Film Festival

Performing Arts Showcase

What is the festival theme?

theme care square

Tell me more...

The theme for this year’s arts festival is “care”. We’re asking artists to express what they care about through their chosen form of art.

We make choices daily related to the things we care about. Our actions or our lack of actions impact others around us, which in turn can influence and inspire our collective efforts towards a promising and sustainable future.

We are interconnected as a Global Jamat. By exploring the relationship between our personal interconnectivity and how it influences the care we extend to the things we share, such as our planet, our environment, our Jamat, our heritage, and ourselves, we can stregthen our identity and also unitedly address the crucial challenges of our era.

Through your art, show care for...

  • Our planet
  • Our communities
  • Our families
  • Humanity
  • Our heritage
  • Ourselves

Are you eligible to register/submit in the arts festival?

  • Artists under the age of eighteen as of 31st May 2024 will be considered a minor artists and must be accompanied be a chaperone during all GE festivals
  • Ismailis and their multi-faith spouses and children